New Moon

Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique is new to mental health clinicians. It is known as an energy psychology technique that uses acupressure to alleviate emotional disturbances. While some clinicians are open to this technique, others remain somewhat skeptical. It's not any surprise because the technique is quite out of the ordinary. As it continues to grow more credibility, those who are willing to try it see such immediate relief, that it becomes a new and effective technique in their arsenal of coping skills.

One of the reasons I became drawn to EFT is that it goes beyond talk therapy and comes from one of the newest developing fields of energy psychology. My own story with EFT is similar to my story with EMDR. I was introduced to it during a summer course in graduate school. I walked through the protocol, tapping on various points of my body. At the time I was not in-tune enough detect a difference. I appreciated learning something out of the ordinary, but soon forgot about it. Fast forward to 2018. For weeks I had been having some emotional distress, that I could not easily shake off. I remember seeing an email about EFT and I thought, “Why not, I’ll give it a try.” I was cynical at the time but also desperate enough to try anything. I tapped along with the video, took a deep breath and checked in with the disturbance. I couldn’t believe it! How could this technique alleviate my ongoing emotional disturbance I had for months, and in 2 minutes. I tapped some more and it went down more! I now use it all the time.

In 2019, I was able to complete two EFT trainings by known experts in the field. I am currently a member of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology and am in the process of completing by certification with EFT. While anyone can be trained in EFT and anyone can practice EFT on their own, for those who wish to use it for more clinical concerns such as depression, PTSD, or anxiety, it is recommended EFT only by used with a licensed therapist. Below I have some videos and a diagram that may be helpful in introducing you to EFT.