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Clinical Hypnosis

Our minds do many wondrous things for us, from when we first wake up in the morning, alerting our attention to the world and going about our everyday schedules, to when we go to bed, drifting off into a slumber, allowing for the rest we need, and then repeating this every day. Our minds help us focus, alert us to what's wrong, learn, organize, analyze, communicate, remember, understand, and absorb information, often without conscious intention.

There are also many limitations our minds create. They get stuck in their perspectives, block what they don't want to see, overthink, overworry, ignore facts and signs, and become more tenacious as we age.

Through my growing as a human and as a clinician, I have come to find the mind to be more of an instrument and as an instrument, we need to know how to use it, know when to reset it, know when it needs an update, and know when it needs a rest. This is why I have brought in hypnosis to my array of skills.


As mental health continues to expand horizons and individuals continue to learn, grow, and heal, I am excited to offer hypnosis as a modality that can help you quiet your mind, heighten your focus, and increase your inner awareness, learning new areas of yourself that can help you in your ongoing journey.


If you are curious in hypnosis and would like to learn more information, please visit this link..

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