Hypnosis is difficult to explain; it remains to be less of an explanation and more of a transpersonal experience that you will only understand once you experience it. Every individual’s hypnosis experience is different. Some may have deep and profound moments under hypnosis, others may feel more relaxed, and others may feel like they’ve taken a good nap. 


Hypnotherapy is backed by the National Institute of Health but remains under-utilized by clinical therapists, mostly due to lack of training opportunities. Here are some examples that what may benefit from the use of hypnosis in a clinical setting:


  • Going through intense medical treatments for cancer, infertility, et cetera

  • Unresolved grief

  • Unresolved anger

  • Difficulty with forgiveness of others or forgiveness of self

  • Attachment to unhealthy relationships

  • Fear

  • Self-doubt

  • Concerns towards the future

Hypnotherapy is appropriate for individuals who are able to and comfortable with slowing down or stilling their minds and being in a more aware state. Those who can not easily do so or resist the state of relaxation may find hypnosis more difficult.


I encourage hypnosis because of the power of the subjective experience. While this can make it more tricky in application, it also brings with it vast possibilities that you come up with in your own mind. It's where I coined the name Internal Resolutions:  you create your own resolution to your concerns with the power of going deep within yourself, finding the place within to make these changes happen. Because of the subjectiveness of hypnosis, it is difficult to say what your experience will be like. The power lies within your own ability to make what you need of the experience.


I often receive compliments from others on the relaxation they experience from the soothing nature of my voice. Because individuals may wish to experience hypnosis between sessions and within the privacy of their own homes, I have created a Youtube page for those interested in using this wonderful tool. Please go to the Media page or click here​.

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