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What's The Big Deal With Hypnosis

Let me draw out a scenario for you. Stop me if you've had this happen before:

You're taking a drive out to see a friend. It's mid to late afternoon, and you've had quite the day. In your mind, thoughts and situations from throughout your day replay themselves over and over. You take a moment to think through them calmly, when suddenly you've realized two things: Time has just flown by and you missed the turn a couple of streets back.

Congratulations! You've experienced hypnosis! Or at least, an altered state of consciousness that is closely related to hypnotic work.

Hypnosis is.....NOT mind control

When asked, most people will still ascribe to the old and dated notion that hypnosis is a form of mind control. That the hypnotist can make you cluck like a chicken or act like a dog against your will. The fact is, while hypnotized YOU are in total control of not only what you do, but what you say.

Hypnosis is....altered consciousness

So then, if it isn't mind control what is it? Well, like the provided example in the beginning, Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness in which the mind is more open to suggestions. The key word there is suggestions. People who are Hypnotized are more able to accept suggestions about themselves that they would otherwise reject in daily waking life. Be it because of poor self-image, stress, worry, or any number of daily roadblocks and struggles we often have problems accepting positive suggestions about ourselves or our potential. With Hypnosis, you'll be in a state of mind where all of a sudden those suggestions can not only be made, they can take root and help get passed those blockades our minds create to stop them.

Hypnosis is....based in science

So then, what exactly does it mean to be in an altered state of consciousness? Well, I could go into a blog post all on it's own about some of the related science that makes hypnosis possible (and I just might!), but let's just get the summary going here for the time being. Essentially, your brain has different brain wave states that it gets put in depending on what you might be doing. They have names and labels (alpha, beta, theta, delta, etc) as well as being attributed to things like being awake, meditating, relaxing, and more! Think of it as gear changes in a car: The higher the gear, the faster the car, the more aware and alert you have to be to keep control of the car. As you relax, you shift down in order to cruise around without worrying so much. Your brain does the same thing, and with hypnosis, you can be guided to these relaxed states in order to help changes happen.

Hypnosis is....a path to change

So then, what are we doing with hypnosis? Well, we at Internal Resolutions strongly believe that changes can be helped along with using this tool in conjunction with the other services we provide. By helping make positive suggestions that last, we can instill motivation and persistence in pursuing those life goals we sometimes feel are out of reach. In future posts, we'll dive a bit deeper into hypnosis, as well as provide a number of resources and interesting reads related to making lasting, positive changes in life.

Remember, "Those who look outside, dream. Those who look inside, awaken."

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