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Anxiety and Depression

When anxiety affects the mind, one can over-worry or have regular experiences of fear, irritability and obsessiveness. When it affects the body, one will tend to experience more headaches, muscle tension, and stomach issues. Their chances of suffering from medical conditions increases. It is estimated that 18% of individuals can struggle with an anxiety disorder in any given year.

Depression is yet another complex condition, also affecting both the mind and body. For two or more weeks, individuals with depression will experience symptoms that can include isolation, ongoing sadness, sense of guilt, sense of defectiveness, sense of hopelessness, irritability, inability to experience emotions, difficulty sleeping, and thoughts of death or not wanting to be alive. Depression is so prevalent that 21% of adults will likely experience a diagnosable condition of depression at some point in their life. Some individuals have a single episode of depression while others go on to have life-long experiences of depression.

Most individuals may get stuck experiencing anxiety as well depression, with the mind and body going back and forth between being overly reactive and stressful to shut down and fatigued. Some individuals experience both simultaneously.

Anxiety and depression are prevalent and under-treated conditions that many adults, adolescents, and children can experience, sometimes without even knowing so. Some will seek treatment when their symptoms are bothersome and yet others will seek treatment their symptoms are debilitating. Wherever you are at with your own symptoms, looking into therapy is an important choice. Some of us need to take our time working up to it before we’re ready. Even starting a discussion with your doctor can be a big step.

As a therapist who has done their own healing, I am excited to help you explore these areas of yourself as you venture on your own healing journey! I use a mixture of EMDR, ego-state therapy, breathwork, CBT, energy perspectives, and more! If you're interested in an appointment, please message me below to see if there are available appointments.

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