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September 29, 2019

Have you ever wanted change so much that you didn’t care to leave the familiarity of your comfort zone? Maybe, but most of us actually struggle with just that:  leaving our comfort zone. That can be one of the many barriers that inhibits us from the changes that we wis...

February 15, 2019

I’ve had the concept of forgiveness on my mind a few times in the past month; I wanted to spend a little bit of time piecing together my own thoughts on this subject. However, while I felt it necessary to touch on reasons to forgive, I don’t want to emphasize that noti...

First post in a new year. I can tell you that I am looking forward to it. The year 2018 brought good lessons and I expect to put them to use for 2019 and beyond. To start the new year, I wanted to share one lesson that I hope to make a priority:  making conscientious c...

Being a musician has taught me some important life lessons:

If you value your art, make sure you’re getting what you’re worth

Practice, perseverance, and passion will play a bigger part in your development than just ‘talent’


Fifteen minutes of good, focused practice c...

I’ve learned, over time, that sometimes you must take the smallest steps to make the biggest changes. Obstacles will come at you over time and leave you with decisions to make regarding getting over them or letting them stop you in your tracks. To me, they’re a lot lik...

June 25, 2018

Author: Heather Towndrow

The Beginning

It started out as a birthday gift to myself. I had hear from many of my friends about their experience with a local hypnotist. I couldn’t believe that someone locally knew the art nor that it was still being used. You hear of hypnos...

Let me draw out a scenario for you. Stop me if you've had this happen before:

You're taking a drive out to see a friend. It's mid to late afternoon, and you've had quite the day. In your mind, thoughts and situations from throughout your day replay themselves over and o...

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