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25 Reasons Why I'm Happy to Be a Therapist

It's always hard explaining why and how I became a therapist. It's an integrated story of always knowing I would be here and also unexpectedly arriving to this career.

I found this journal prompt. As I started reflecting, I thought I'd share.

  1. When I was in high school, my mental health started to struggle. I got through it in an interesting way at the time. Now I get to be the therapist for others that I needed when I was struggling.

  2. I see five to seven unique people a day where I can hear the most wonderful stories about their experiences and lives.

  3. I love listening to others and understanding them.

  4. I get to see people triumph through difficult times in their lives.

  5. Seeing others grow is rewarding.

  6. Therapists make up .06% of the population. That's a pretty unique subset of individuals.

  7. I personally like evolving and growing and I get many opportunities to do so in my work.

  8. I am privy to really amazing trainings that help me understand myself and others so that I may learn and grow.

  9. I get to bring my dog to work, no questions asked. It honestly is the first thing that came to mind when I started this list.

  10. Being a therapist doesn't have to be just seeing people all the time. It's an opportunity to diversify your career. The other night I hosted a paint night and incorporated mental health into it. You can write, speak, run groups, teach, lead yoga practices, make content. The opportunities are endless.

  11. I get to wear comfortable clothes to work.

  12. All those self-help books I buy get to be a tax write-off.

  13. So are the plants I buy to put in my office.

  14. Being a therapist can feel very spiritual at times.

  15. It helps being a therapist when you need to manage your own mental health.

  16. Sometimes when I'm offering feedback or advice in a session, I listen to myself and realize that is advice I also needed to hear myself.

  17. Working with others helps you understand yourself better.

  18. I get to decorate my office in a cute and stylish way that is inviting and fun to constantly evolve.

  19. I've developed an inner therapist that can help me through difficult times.

  20. Being a therapist has helped me to laugh more and take myself less seriously.

  21. I get to be very real and authentic with people. It's a privilege.

  22. There's a powerful connection one can build with their therapist and I get to be a part of that dynamic.

  23. Therapy can open the doors to working on some of the deepest wounds we have. It's a privilege when someone shares with me what they haven't yet shared with others.

  24. I get to see people be their authentic selves.

  25. I have other therapist friends and they are truly the best.

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