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EMDR Therapy Intensive Sessions

Internal Resolutions is now offering therapy sessions in an intensive format to individuals who are needing more session time for 1) trauma processing, 2) working through upsetting experiences, 3) addressing negative beliefs, and/or 4) alleviating strong behavioral urges and habits. Intensive sessions will be offered both in-person and through telehealth and can be scheduled between two to eight hours.

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Trauma Therapy Intensives

Trauma-focused intensive sessions will use EMDR to desentize and reprocess traumatic memories that the brain has not yet incorporated into long-term memory. Examples of trauma-targets that can be processed in intensive sessions can include medical trauma, first-responder trauma, combat trauma, and childhood trauma. Session length will vary for each individual and will require phone consultation prior scheduling. Other modalities may be either used instead or incorporated with EMDR including breathwork, ego-state interventions, and EFT tapping.

Intensives for Behavioral Urges

​If you have a difficult-to-break habit, intensive sessions may be a good fit, allowing for stronger therapeutic work to 1) increase your motivation, 2) desensitize the behavior, and 3) reduce the urge to engage in the behavior. EMDR is a helpful good fit for those who struggle with behaviors which include procrastination, compulsive eating, compulsive shopping, overuse of social media, excessive exercising. Before proceeding with an intensive session using EMDR, it is important that you have a good support and use of coping skills to already manage the behavior to a degree and that this be discussed in a 15 minute consultation phone. Individuals who do not have this stability may do better in ongoing, weekly sessions.

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How Does an Intensive Work?

Once you feel you are ready to for an intensive session, you can call and schedule for your free phone consultation.. After reviewing your concerns, you will then be provided with a recommendation based on your presented needs and scheduled for your appointment. Due to insurance CPT billing codes, intensives are not yet identified as a covered service, and therefore are not covered by insurance. Fees will be dependent on length of session and are expected at the time of service. Sessions that are two hours in length can be scheduled Tuesday through Thursday. Sessions needing two or more hours will need to be scheduled Saturday  through Monday.

Am I a Good Candidate for an Intensive Session?

Intensive sessions are for those who 1) have had previous, ongoing therapy, 2) are insightful into the nature of their symptoms, responses, and behaviors, 3) are currently stable and free from suicidal ideation, 4) can stay grounded through EMDR processing, and 5) are able to participate in more intensive processing work. Telehealth can be provided to those in Utah, otherwise individuals who live out of state will need to travel to their appointment.

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