Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing

EMDR has recently become a buzz word for treating trauma as the therapy continues to gain momentum in the clinical field. What was once dubbed as a “woo-woo” therapy, EMDR has been able to gain more research as it is now listed as an evidenced-based practice through NREPP (National Registry of Evidence-Based Practices and Programs).


With its establishment in 1987, there is now plenty of research showing the success EMDR can have in treating symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, phobias, and more. Individuals who have trauma or other wounding experiences are appropriate for EMDR if they can easily manage their emotions that are linked to the wounding memories. This means that while remembering the memory may be overwhelming, if an individual can safely visit that memory while in the EMDR session, they are appropriate candidates for EMDR. By meeting with a therapist, you can determine if EMDR is appropriate for your needs. If you and your therapist determine that you are not quite ready for EMDR, you can both work together, taking the steps to help you be prepared for EMDR at a later point in your sessions.

To ensure I can provide good EMDR therapy, I have become an EMDRIA-certified therapist. This shows I have not only completed the necessary training to be an EMDR therapist, but have  also received 30+ additional hours of consultation with an EMDR consultant to ensure that the individuals I see remain emotionally safe through EMDR processing and get the best of their therapy experience. In addition, to consultation, I also receive continuing education each year to maintain my status with EMDRIA. Some of my additional EMDR training includes attachment, ego-states, dissociation, borderline personality disorder, and addiction with the use of the EMDR protocol.

EMDR Consultation

I am a Consultant in Training through EMDRIA. What that means is I am able to provide consultation to those who have completed basic training consultation and are seeking consultation hours as a certified EMDR therapist. Individuals can receive 5 hours of individual consultation from me as they work towards their EMDRIA certified therapist status. I do not provide group consultation at this time, but this may change depending on need.

In considering me as your EMDR consultant, I am a good fit for those who work in community mental health or who work with individuals who have complex trauma. I am also a good fit for those who practice in rural communities and have a broad range of individuals they may see.

As a consultant in training, I receive my consultation hours from Karen Gardner, LCSW. I charge $45 per hour. I do offer a lower rate to those working in a non-profit setting and are able to prove this status. Prices are subject to change based on change in my consultation status.


(385) 243-1744

375 South Carbon Avenue

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