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Desert Road

Heather Towndrow, LCSW, CYP-500

Internal Resolutions


Anxiety and Depression

Generalized Anxiety. PTSD. Panic Attacks. Social Phobia. Low Self-Esteem. Major Depression. Single-Episode Depression. Other Mood Disorders.


Trauma Therapy

Complex Trauma. Dissociation. PTSD. Personality Disorders. Self-Defeating Behaviors. Self-Esteem. Anger. Nightmares. Sleep Concerns. Social Isolation.Self-Identity Concerns.


Self Esteem

Self-Worth. Confidence. Body Positivity. Self-Respect. Letting Go of Negative Beliefs and Negative Messages. Healing from Verbal Abuse. Transforming Self.


Compulsive Behaviors

Addictions. Eating Disorders. Toxic Anger. Relationship Enmeshment. Overspending. OCD Behaviors. Obsessive Thinking Patterns. 

Other Compulsive Behaviors

My Approach

I prefer therapy to be innovative as well as  personalized and centered to each individual's needs. Too often mental health creates stigmatization based on an individual's diagnosed condition. From this, people become their labels and lose a sense of who they are underneath their symptoms. While I believe that diagnoses such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD are helpful in understanding one's own condition, I also believe that we can lose sight of a person's individual needs. That is why when we meet, I will want to get to know you and your treatment goals so together we can have a sound foundation as we start the therapy process.

About Me

Since 2016 my journey as a clinician has become personal as well as spiritual. I often look back and am surprised to see all of the transformations I have made from this adventure. I believe therapy is a personal journey that one takes when they are ready for a new lifestyle. That is why I enjoy working with others  as they work towards their own personal revolutions. 


My Methods

Research says that the most effective element in therapy is the therapist-client relationship. I couldn't agree more! I also believe that the therapist's education and available skills and tools can bring additional benefit. With growing research supporting the need for therapy to use the whole brain and not just the top brain, I have explored and found these additional methods to bring to my practice.


Ego State Therapy









(Some names are changed to protect confidentiality of others.)

Enter Here!

I have had the wonderful opportunity of working with Heather Towndrow as part of a clinical team ... Heather is an amazing therapist who cares for each of her clients. She has incredible skill in assessment, planning, coordinating needed services, intervention, and empowering clients to reach their goals. I highly recommend Heather for clinical mental health services.

Ben Moore, LCSW

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