Internal Resolutions - Resolving Conflict from Within

Internal Resolutions was created as a private practice to serve individuals who seek resolution to their wounding and traumatic experiences. Many of us know what we should be doing and how we should be thinking, but there are parts of us that remain stuck in those old traumatic experiences. This is why it can seem as though you are stuck in your old ways. This makes it troubling when you do not see the changes you have always wanted for yourself. Feeling defeated, you may believe that you will never see what you truly desire for yourself. 

Having the desire to change is the perfect place to start. By taking that desire and placing it into clinical hands, I take your longings and help you find the energy from within to bring forth the changes you have always wanted for yourself. When you see me, I don’t focus on what you already know. I focus on creating a deep shift within to bring to you the resolution you're seeking.

"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." -- Carl Jung


◙ A Free Phone Consultation◙

Sometimes you may be unsure if a therapist you are looking into is right for you. Why have any appointment before finding out?! In order to get familiar with what you are looking for and needing, I will first engage in an initial phone consultation with you at no cost. By having an initial phone consultation, this will help me become familiar with what you are wanting and expecting from your sessions. I will then determine if I am the most appropriate fit for your needs. I will also go over fees for service, use of insurance, and the best times for us to meet. If I feel that my services would not be best for you needs, I will be happy to link you to several other local resources.

During the phone consultation, if we decide to move forward with setting up an appointment, I will also be gathering payment information during that time. Any appointments that are no-showed or cancelled within less than 24 hours will be charged $50. This is to keep my schedule flexible and open for others who are interested.



(385) 243-1744

375 South Carbon Avenue

Ste. 133

Price, Utah 84501


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