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Self-Esteem is a tricky area. One minute you can feel confident, excited, and happy, and the next you can feel negative, mistrusting, uncertain, even worthless. You wonder what's wrong with you. You know you don't want to feel this way about yourself, yet you still get stuck in these emotional states where all you do is see yourself in a negative light.

I believe that the negative thoughts we have about ourselves are not just in our head and something that can easily be shaken off. These thoughts are from true experiences, most likely in your past, where you felt that maybe you didn't fit in, you were treated in a negative way by others, and likely experienced verbal abuse.

Being verbally abused is one of the most wounding experiences any one can ever go through. Your body may not have been attacked, but how you see yourself was. And if these experiences occurred in childhood or adolescence, before we could develop our identity formation, the impact can leave with long-lasting scars. It impacts how you see yourself, how you see others, and how you see the world.

Self-esteem can heal. It can heal by having positive individuals that come into our lives, spiritual growth, learning from others, changing our beliefs of ourselves, better self-care, choosing self-respect, setting boundaries, being kind to others, achieving our goals, self-reflection, and so much more!

I believe that therapy can have a helpful impact on healing these emotional and self-esteem wounds. It may start by getting to know the parts of yourself who were negatively impacted as well as the parts of you reacting to those wounds. You can identify the recordings of the verbally abusive individuals in your life. Then you, your adult self, can talk to those parts and tell them your perspective and how you deserved better treatment, more patience, more understanding, better guidance.

As a therapist who has done their own healing, I am excited to help you explore these areas of yourself as you venture on your own healing journey! I use a mixture of EMDR, ego-state therapy, breathwork, CBT, energy perspectives, and more! If you're interested in an appointment, please message me below to see if there are available appointments.

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